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Vaccination requirement:
ALL dogs must show proof of unexpired DHPP vaccination to register.  


New students (anyone who has not attended an OTCH class since 2020) must attend orientation prior to registering for class.  Orientation and registration are on the same date and time.  Orientation begins at the time indicated below for the location and lasts for approximately 30 minutes.  YOU MUST BE ON TIME FOR ORIENTATION OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REGISTER FOR CLASS.  You may fill out a Training Application after Orientation.  It is highly suggested that you bring a chair or mat to sit on during orientation.

Enchanted Lake Community Park (see classes & parking page for other details)

Wednesday, 4/10/24 OR 4/17/24 at 7:00pm

Crane Community Park (see classes & parking page for other details)

Thursday, 4/11/24 OR 4/18/24 at 7:00pm

Kauluwela Community Park (see classes & parking for other details)

Saturday, 4/13/24 OR 4/20/24 at 8:00am

(Go to the park you will be training at on the time and date noted.  Choose only one date.) 

Dog Vaccinations Required for Class Registration

Copy of your canine's current certificate of vaccinations, immunization records, or signed titer letter from your veterinarian.  Please have this documentation with you at the time of registration.  OTCH registration volunteers cannot process and accept your Training Application without this information.

OTCH Canine Vaccination Requirements:

     (D) Distemper

     (H) Hepatitis (CAV-2) - Adenovirus

     (P) Parvovirus

     (P) Parainfluenza (Please note this is NOT the Canine Flu Shot, which we do not require)

If vaccinations are valid for 3 years, the vaccinations record must state 3 years; otherwise, we will assume vaccinations are for one year only.  For titers, your veterinarian must note the duration the titer is valid.

Our main concern is the health and safety of the dogs.  Your assistance with the club's immunization requirements is an invaluable asset to our canine family members.  Thank you for your support!

It is your responsibility to provide clear and accurate proof of vaccination.  It is not the responsibility of the registration volunteers to decipher the wide range of veterinarian records.  Thank you for your cooperation!

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