General Parking Information

Please abide by the Revised Ordinances of Honolulu (ROH) sections pertaining to parking while attending OTCH classes at the various park locations.  The adjacent residences, businesses, schools, and other park neighbors will be grateful for your cooperation.  Please visit the ROH Sections page for more details.

Enchanted Lake Community Park

Parking is available in the community park's lot and on Keolu Drive.

Crane Community Park

Street parking is available along Kaimuki Avenue fronting the park; convenient for registration and Obedience Class attendees.  Additional street parking is located behind the park on Olokele Avenue and/or Leialoha Avenue; convenient for Conformation Class attendees.  PLEASE DO NOT PARK in Kaimuki High School's lot or Market City Shopping Center.

Kamamalu Neighborhood Park

Street parking is available along Queen Emma Street.  The park also has parking available in its lot off Pali Highway (heading Mauka just after the YMCA).  PLEASE DO NOT PARK in the YMCA's lot, the Pacific Club's lot, Royal Elementary School's lot, the bus stop, or along the bridge overlooking the H-1 freeway.